Owner & Designer

The brand story

Cireshel ( meaning „cherry” in Romanian) was my nickname during college. All my close friends were calling me this way. I loved it so now it`s the name of my brand. Cireshel means love for authentic stories and for the nature.

Our mission

Our dream is to return to our roots, to authentic stories. To return to our childhood memories when we played a lot in the middle of nature, when we loved running barefoot on hills and valleys, smelling the flowers, listening to birds songs, singing, dancing and laughing in the rain.
We want to return to that universe, such infinite.

Our work

We cultivate love for nature and authentic stories to our children. Using high quality, natural and soft colors fabrics (mainly cotton and linen), we pay attention to details, so our collections have a lot of sweet details, what make our clients feel special. We hope you and your kids will feel special too.